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Newt - Various - Partysan Mx Series - Chapter One

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  1. Chapter Text “Shit, shit.” Minho felt his arms shaking and took a deep breath, determination flattening out the panicked lines in his brow. He pressed the wad of balled-up fabric hard against Newt’s chest, ignoring the fact that it was becoming damp and spongy with blood.
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  4. Chapter Text. v. Revelation. They have just finished reading another chapter of Newt’s manuscript draft, leaving Percival very knowledgeable about Hippogriffs indeed – even Newt had admitted that he should ‘probably cut down that section a bit no matter what Mother thinks’ – and Percival is now busy turning to putty on Newt’s bed.
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  6. A/N: Thanks to TracerRacer for requesting this. She was careful to say that this is a Reader X Newt, not an OC X Newt, so it's a reader insert. Basically, Reader came up in the Box two weeks ago. She doesn't get along with Newt, who seems to hate her. That all changes when an incident (I'm not going to tell you what it is) occurs, and Newt's true feelings are revealed. (Y/N) yawned.
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